Router Action

This 1/2" Gator Foam mammoth skeleton really demonstrates what a little ingenuity and a router can accomplish. This amazing piece of technology features many cutting tools to handle countless media applications as well as a high-speed router. We can now cut metal, acrylic, MDF with ease. Combined with our UV digital printing technology and experienced design department Astek is your source for POP displays, stand-ups, signs, almost anything.

Painted or printed?

Imagine being able to print directly onto your sidewalk! Street Graphics is a non-PVC film that "micro-fractures" and gets into the tiny crevasses of most rough outdoor surfaces. The final result looks like it was painted directly on the ground! It's durable for up to six months under heavy foot traffic, so your image will impact your audience again and again. It does need to be pressure washed off and some surfaces may leave residue.

Born to be a star, custom wallpaper

We designed and printed this authentic americana wallpaper for the movie Born To Be A Star.


CSI floor graphic

Custom floor graphic created for CSI.


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