Flat-bed Printing

Our Flat-bed printers can print on all kinds of surfaces including glass, wood, plex, basically anything under 1 5/8" thick. They can even print on CNC engraved surfaces to get some cool effects.

Printed Marble Tile for Harry's Law

We're experts at recreating surfaces such as marble or concrete for the camera. We achieved this realistic marble tile by printing with our flat bed printer onto MDF.


Harry's Law Printed Marble

The marble flooring for the court set of Harry's Law was achieved with our flat bed printer, printed on MDF.


Wizards Bubble Wrap Arcade

Print on Bubble Wrap? One of the more interesting substrates we've worked with. This arcade was created by production designer Michael Heines for "The Wizards of Waverly Place", a popular Disney children's show. This very modern arcade set features "Pac-man like" designs printed on the large bubble wrap that covers the walls. It creates a very playfully sci-fi look. We always enjoy working on the inventive projects Michael brings to us.


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