Frequently Asked Questions

Video Help

This video will walk you through our convenient uploader. This is a quick and useful way to send us your project files.

If you have an account you can view the catalog and create a list of favorites to send to your staff or ours. You can also print your own custom contact sheets. This can be a useful too for communicating what types of graphics you want to order.

File Preparation

How should I size my file?

Most artwork will print acceptably from a150dpi file at full print size. Hi resolution photographic prints should be 300dpi. When in doubt please try to deliver the largest file you can.

What sort of files are acceptable?

If files are being sent directly to print, they should be in .eps, .tiff or .pdf format. We can also use any sort of adobe file (.ai, .psd, indd, etc. - up to version CS 5). Files that are not print ready may require an additional charge for design or setup.

Website Help

I see something in your catalog that I like, how do I purchase the design?

Simply add the item to your favorites, call or e-mail us, and a designer will be able to work with you on that particular design.

I want to upload a file. Do I need to login to do that?

Yes, you do. It only takes a minute and you’re ready to upload.

How do I create my account with you?

Using the login link at the top of the page, click the Register tab and fill out the form! That’s it!

How do I send you my files?

After you create your account, log in using the Upload link location in the upper right hand corner of your screen.


Do you have a removable wallcovering alternative to wallpaper?

Yes we do! We have available printable adhesives that can be installed and removed with minimal damage to your walls.

Printing Info

I have a design idea that doesn't seem to be represented on your website, can you make it?

We are problem solvers and have done all kinds jobs that do not categorize easily. Give us a call and we can find a solution to your idea.

What substrates can you print on?

There's very little we can't print on. We've printed on carpet, quartz, bubble wrap, cloth, metal sheeting, acrylic, plywood, mdf, vinyl, heavily surfaced materials and of course paper.

What materials can you route?

We can route MDF, plywood, paper, adhesive, vinyl, carpet, plexiglass. Any of these under 1 inch thickness.

What is the turnaround time on print jobs?

Turnaround time varies according to the scale of the job and whether your file is prepped properly for print. We take pride in meeting our deadlines and make sure to prioritize our queue. Please let us know when you need it done and we’ll forward you a completion estimate. 24 hours or less is considered a rush and a week would be unusually long. Don’t forget we offer free delivery!

Custom Design

I have an idea for a graphic but it doesn't exist, can you illustrate and design anything I want?

Yes we can. One of the perks of working with OnAir is that we have a full house of talented designers and illustrators with drawing and painting skills to get your idea made.